Aims of The Website

  • To improve communication between the residents of Farmoor
  • To engender a community spirit within Farmoor
  • To provide information focussed on the needs of the residents of Farmoor
  • To promote and provide information about Farmoor to the world in general

Management of the website

The website is sponsored by the Farmoor Village Hall Committee.  Their roles are:

  • Approval of initial the creation of a website serving the Farmoor community
  • Provision of funds for the  creation and ongoing operation of the website
  • Creation and maintenance of the membership of a Website Management Group responsible for the ongoing management of the website and to provision of ongoing oversight of that group
  • Receipt and management of income from the website
  • Allocation of any income in excess of outgoing  costs

Current membership of this group - see Farmoor Village Hall Committee (make link)

Detailed management of the website is performed by a Management Group appointed by the Farmoor Village Hall Committee.  Their roles are:

  • Make strategic decisions about the general direction and function of the website
  • Ensure that the website is operated within appropriate legal constraints (eg Data Protection Act, Copyrights)
  • Monitoring the development, and approval of the final design of the website
  • Ownership of the registered website name
    • Approval of original purchase
    • Renewals
  • Ownership of the relationship with the web host provider
    • Initiation of relationship
    • Payment for service
  • Management of the relationship with advertisers
    • Seek out advertisers
    • Set charge rates
    • Manage payments
  • Approve of any expenditure associated with the operation of the site
  • Maintenance of financial accounts for the website
  • Ensure the continuity of the website

Current membership of this group - Ann and Ray Stone, Inga Martin

The development and ongoing maintenance of the site is performed by an Administration Group, with the following roles:

  • Creation and maintenance of a website within a model approved by the Management Group
  • Management of the relationship with the website hosting service on behalf of the Management Group
  • Provide controlled access to the site, in particular the ability to update the site by designated contributors
  • Coordination of the provision of content for areas within the site not specific to contributing organisations
  • Provision of training and general support to representatives of contributing organisations
  • Monitoring of usage of the site and addressing any issues arising
  • Addressing any technical issues associated with the ongoing provision of the website
  • Provision of technical documentation of all aspects of the site construction and maintenance.

Current membership of this group: David Lewis, Bernard Farr.

The content of some sections of the website may be provided by one or more members of the organisation or group associated with that section.  The roles are:

  • Provision of input for the designated area of the website
  • Management and quality control of the input from other individuals within that organisation
  • Ensure currency of the information on that section of the site

Technical aspects

  • The site is built using Joomla, and open source content management system.
  • The site is hosted by Site5, with a server located in their datacentre in Dallas, Texas