Farmoor Village Hall Committee

The Village Hall which is a registered charity (number 300151), is managed by Farmoor Village Hall Management Committee .


The Committee comprises 14 members, of whom seven are elected by the Committee and seven are appointed to represent local organisations. Members are appointed/elected on an annual basis. The current members as of the 16th November 2016 AGM are:

Contact details for the office holders are:


  • To look after the Village Hall, in accordance with the terms of our constitution, for the benefit of the residents of Farmoor and surrounding areas.
  • To maintain the Hall, which is a village asset, in good order.
  • To manage our funds carefully and keep costs down where possible.
  • To provide leisure facilities and put on events which are appreciated by local people.


The Committee meets once every two months, normally on the evening of the third  or fourth Wednesday of the month. Regular agenda items are: financial reports, upkeep of the Hall, and fund raising events – planning and review. All Farmoor residents are welcome to attend committee meetings as observers. Just let the Secretary know if you plan to do so.

The meetings dates are as follows:


The Committee’s AGM is held in November, for the purpose of receiving the Chairman’s report, approving the annual accounts, and electing Committee members for the next 12 months. All residents of Farmoor and surrounding neighbourhood who have attained the age of 18 are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.

Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 23rd November 2011 [report]
  • Wednesday 28th November 2012 [report]
  • Wednesday 27th November 2013 [report]
  • Wednesday 26th November 2014 [report]
  • Wednesday 25th November 2015 [report]
  • Wednesday 16th November 2016 [report]
  • Wednesday 15th November 2017

Fund Raising Events

The Village Hall is regularly used by local groups; the Committee puts on events for the village; and the Hall is hired out for profit. All monies raised go towards the upkeep of the facilities. We have a system of dual rates for letting the Hall – local groups pay less. Click here to see hire charges

We spend money very carefully, but it is expensive to keep the property in good order and we have to charge for the use of the Hall. In an average week, the running costs exceed rental earnings, so without additional income from events, the books wouldn’t balance; and we could not build up reserves for “a rainy day”.

Committee members put in much time and effort in organising and managing these events. We are very grateful to have a number of Farmoor Volunteers, who have taken responsibility for running – or helping with – various events and activities. We are always looking for new ideas for things to do and for people who will help. If you would like to take part, please contact a committee member.