Logon to Farmoor.org

Why logon?

At the moment, most access as a 'reader' can be achieved without having to logon.   In the future, there may be parts of the website that is only visible to logged on users but not yet.

However, if you want to submit or edit information on the site, then you need to be logged on.   When you log on, it not only identifies you as the source of information, but also sets your permitted access level.  The levels are:

  • Guest - someone who is not logged on and can only view the site.
  • Registered User - someone who is logged on, but has no additional access - can view parts of the site assigned to registered users only (at the moment, no different to a guest).
  • Author - a logged on user who can contribute content to predefined locations and can edit documents owned/created by them but cannot modify other users content.
  • Editor - a logged on user can do everything an author can but is also able to edit any users content.
  • Publisher - a logged on user with editor privileges who can also change the status of contributions to 'published' and therefore available to be viewed on the site.
  • Manager/Administrator/Super administrator - able to change the structure of the site and also assigns access levels to users.

If you want to become a user, please email the site administrator at farmoorvillage@gmail.com


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