The Abingdon & Oxford Anglers Alliance

Alliance permits 2014/15 out now - click here for details

The Abingdon & Oxford Anglers Alliance ( consists of 3 local angling clubs:-

  • The Abingdon & District Angling and Restocking Association, (founded in 1889) - Hon Sec: Alan Bateman, 01865 391860 (also Water Booking Secretary)
  • Oxford Angling & Preservation Society (est 1882) - Hon Sec: G.M.Waddle 01865 378847, OAPS Water  Booking Secretary and Alliance Membership Secretary: Colin Lurcock 01865 604418
  • Clifton Hampden & District Piscatorial Society (Founded 1947) - Hon Sec: S Ferris 01235 770920

The Alliance has been formed to further the interests of their members and of the sport of angling in the Oxford and Abingdon areas.  Membership of the Alliance confers the rights to membership on all member clubs.  A copy of the rules can be obtained from the secretary on the receipt of a S.A.E


The coarse fishing season for rivers is June 16th to March 14th inclusive.

Fishing in Alliance Waters requires a permit - details on how to obtain permits can be found at

Alliance Waters

All waters listed have a map reference which is taken from O.S. Landranger Maps No. 164. All maps can be seen at

Pinkhill Weir upstream SP439071

Downstream left hand bank for one field above Pinkhill weir.   Good chub fishing.

Pinkhill Weir downstream SP439071-SP443074

From Pinkhill weir downstream left bank to the notice board twenty yards upstream of Daisy Ditch.   Good chub fishing.

Eynsham upstream SP444074-SP443087

Downstream right hand bank from the Cruiser station to Swinford toll bridge

Eynsham downstream SP443087-SP468102

From the first EA gate below Eynsham Lock on the downstream right hand bank to the third EA gate below Eynsham lock.   Excellent chub fishing and good roach.  Also, the famous bream shoals usually found in the area of the old canal stream and Evenlode.

Evenlode Triangle, Cassington SP453092

Downstream right hand bank to the Evenlode, left hand bank of the canal stream and some river Thames frontage.  Access must be via Durham Lane that runs behind Marlborough pool.  At the end of this lane, turn right up the old disused railway until you reach gate; the bridge is just over the gate.  Cross the bridge and turn left directly onto the Evenlode Triangle water.  This is approximately a 15 minute walk from Marlborough pool car park.

The triangle offers excellent chub fishing with the possibility of barbel and large roach.

Marlborough Pool, Cassington SP453102

This is a 12 acre carp fishery.  Members wishing to fish the lake between the 1st May and 31st October must purchase an additional Marlborough Pool permit.  Access to this water is from the A40 opposite to and 100yds west of the Cassington turn.    Special rules that apply to this water are listed in permits.

River Evenlode, Cassington SP448102

Right hand bank downstream from the A40 for one meadow.

River Evenlode, Cassington SP447103

Upstream of the A40 on the right and left hand bank for one meadow.  Please park safely

Good catches of chub can be had on most stretches of the Evenlode.

River Thames, Sandford, Radley and Nuneham SP531012-SU527970

From Sandford car park downstream right hand bank to Nuneham railway bridge - approximately 3 miles.  Access to this water is from Sandford Lane and Lower Radley.

Excellent fishing for chub, roach, bream, perch and pike.

River Thames, Clifton Hampden SP548952

From Clifton Hampden Bridge upstream right hand bank to Clifton Hampden lock. Limited parking in the lay-by adjacent to the church - some restrictions with regard to parking there Sundays.

Good catches of roach, bream and chub can be had.

Dorchester Lake SU579949

Dorchester Lake is a mature ten acre lake.  Good access to the majority of the swims.  Lake side parking.  Open during the close season.

The lake produces prolific catches of tench during the spring and summer months.  The fishery can also produce catches of roach, perch, carp, pike and bream.

River Cherwell SP523131

Downstream from the confluence of the river Ray to the notice board upstream of Sparsey Meadow.

The area is shallow and running over gravel, offering excellent chub and roach and the possibility of barbel.

River Ray (Islip) SP528139

Left hand bank upstream from Swan pub for one field.  Left hand bank from 200 yards below slip road bridge to Ray/Cherwell confluence.  Access to this fishery is via public footpath only.

River Cherwell Holywell Meadows, Oxford SP527065

Access by foot only via St. Catharine's College main entrance.  Turn left past the private car park and follow the path to the river through the meadow.  Please keep off the playing pitches.  The fishery extends from the cycle path bridge on the right hand bank in University Parks for about 1200 yards downstream.  A small ditch marks the end of the fishery.  Please obey any requests made by College staff.

Excellent roach and dace fishing, some good chub and the occasional tench.

River Thames at Duxford, Hinton Waldrist SP370001

From the first notice board below the ford at Duxford to the notice board below Shifford lock, a distance of nearly three quarters of a mile.  Access is via Duxford.  Parking in the lay-by opposite the farm entrance - do not obstruct the entrances to the farm.  The fishery is not suited to novice anglers.  High banks in places with overhanging bushes and trees.

Excellent fishing to be had for any specimen hunters amongst our members.  This stretch of upper Thames has produced some good size barbell, carp and chub.  200 yards below the ford is a recognised barbel hot spot.  There is no boat traffic on the back water.  For any members planning to fish this water, a preliminary walk along its full length will prove to be time well spent.