The Farmoor WI branch celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, having been founded in 1963. It is a thriving group which has grown substantially in recent years. We are a friendly bunch with a range of interests - certainly not all "Jam and Jerusalem". We count among our members bowlers, table tennis players, artists, embroiderers, knitters and gardeners, to name but a few.

We hold meetings every month, apart from August. Speakers, covering a range of interesting topics, are invited to six of these meetings. Other times we have social events, a harvest supper in October and, in December, a Christmas dinner with entertainment. We also enjoy going out for meals.

Meetings are held in Farmoor Village Hall at 7.00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month. We welcome new members. The annual subscription is £36.

Please remember the WI is open to women of all ages and everyone is very welcome to attend. Just come along.  


We had a lovely meeting in December when we had our Christmas dinner, attended by 33 members and friends. The catering was provided by Creative Caterers. The entertainment was provided by Rod Sharp. Esther Papps and Lilian Stallan provided the table flowers. Melissa and Heather showed us the actions for singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and it was very good fun.


Our President, Margaret Dale, thanked Evelyn Burton for the table flowers and Sheila Clayton for the Birthday posies. The refreshments were provided by Anne Flegg and Janet Harris. Margaret thanked the members for bringing in items for our ongoing competition. 

Guest Speaker

Our expected guest speaker was unable to attend due to illness but we were fortunate to be able to get a replacement, John Paine, who presents “Adventures in Egypt Series” and he spoke on “Exploring Aswan”. John's career was in Community Development work and he has done a lot of travel.  With this in mind he felt he would be good at presenting. With his travels he had good material to talk about. All the photographs are his own. He has visited Egypt 10 times and find the Ancient Egyptians fascinating. Most of his fees are donated to Crohns and Colitis UK.

John showed us lots of interesting photos of life in Egypt and Aswan and the river Nile. Aswan – “Swenett” is an ancient Southern frontier city after Goddess  Swenett  and the Egyptian word “Soun” for market or trade. We were shown typical street scenes and the local hospital. A bus can be a 3-wheeler motorbike with simple bodywork added. John talked of the closure of the football ground in 2012, due to a riot and the death of 60 people. It is still maintained for the time it may be reopened.

We were shown pictures of sailing boats on the Nile. He spoke of the “Unfinished Obelisk” and we saw photos of this. This obelisk is 120 feet long and made of a granite rock called Syenite. As it was being constructed with very basic tools, the ground shifted due to an earthquake and a split occurred in the obelisk and it was never finished. We saw photos of glass blowing for the local perfume shops.

There are no temples in Aswan but they have Agilkia Island where they have Philae Temple. There were plans to build the British Dam and over 22 temples would be submerged, so the Philae Temple was moved, brick by brick and reconstructed on Agilkia Island. Another project was to reconstruct two temples and again it was done brick by brick. These were the tombs of Rameses 2nd and Nefertani.  We saw photos of the Tomb of the Aga Khan 3rd  which is a pink granite mausoleum. John was able to show us how close to the desert Aswan is. Our final photo was of the Old Cataract Hotel where author Agatha Christie stayed and wrote “Death on the Nile”.

Competition: Items beginning with “P”

It is always interesting to see the ideas for items for our competition, and this month was no different. We had Pashmina scarf, Parcel, wooden Pig, Pineapple, Painters Palette and Paint brushes, Pictures, Packet of Poppy seeds, Pomander, wooden Parrot, Perfume atomiser, Pen knife, Party Popper, glass Pig. Our guest speaker had the job of selecting the winners. They were Evelyn Burton, Janet Jackson and Geraldine Mugford.

Please bring an item beginning with the letter “R” for our February meeting.

Geraldine Mugford ( 01865 862028)

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